CEO & Co-Founder

Tanvir Ahsan

"I help my clients stand out and they help me grow."

We are proud to introduce Tanvir Ahsan as our esteemed co-founder and CEO. With a shared vision of creating a cleaner and more sustainable society, Tanvir brings his extensive entrepreneurial experience and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability to lead our organization.

With over a decade of business development and consultancy expertise, Tanvir has played a pivotal role in establishing and growing successful ventures across various industries. As the owner and managing director of Sapperton Return-It Depot, Tanvir's exceptional leadership has driven remarkable business growth, positioning the depot as a premier destination for bottle recycling in New Westminster, BC. Under his guidance, Sapperton Return-It Depot has experienced significant expansion, processing millions of bottles and achieving impressive annual revenues.

Tanvir's impact extends beyond recycling operations. As the founder and CEO of Block 9 Consultancy Inc, he has leveraged his keen business acumen and deep understanding of market dynamics to drive the success of our consultancy firm. Block 9 provides corporate training, business consultancy, and software development services to clients across North America and internationally.

Passionate about environmental conservation, Tanvir actively advocates for sustainable practices and encourages communities to embrace recycling as a powerful means of protecting our planet. His leadership and strategic vision continue to foster the growth of recycling initiatives, paving the way for a greener future.

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