What Items we recycle here

Recyclable Items


Liquid Containers

Meet Recyclable Containers - your everyday liquid holders, given a green thumbs-up by federal and provincial powers, all geared up to be collected, recycled, and reborn!


Electrics and Electronics

Got old gadgets gathering dust? Please give them a green goodbye at a Return-IT depot, where we turn your tired tech into tomorrow's treasures. Drop, recycle, and feel good with Eazy Return!


Paper & Cardboard

Your old paper and cardboard buddies? They're ready for their encore! Cereal boxes, pizza boxes, forgotten greeting cards, and done-duty cardboard - all can take the green leap into their next life.


Paints and Hues

Got leftover paints, dried-up hues, or empty paint containers? They're not just clutter; they're canvases for a greener future! With Eazy Return, let's turn your paint leftovers into vibrant recycling victories!

Waste Materials We
Collect. Recycle & Dispose

  • Plastic

  • Lights & Bulbs

  • Aluminium

  • Bottles

  • Electronics & Glass

  • Paint

  • Cardboard

  • Styrofoam

Eazy Return Services - Redefining the Recycling Experience

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Eazy Return is deeply committed to fostering environmentally conscious communities and promoting a more sustainable planet. Our platform of services is meticulously designed to encapsulate this core principal.

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