liquid containers

Liquid Containers

Welcome to the world of Encorp-approved recyclables – a diverse spectrum of liquid containers all set to be transformed and reused! From soda pop aluminum cans to health-drink plastic bottles, from your breakfast juice boxes to dairy-delicious gable tops and even convenient bag-in-a-box wine packages, you can recycle with us.

Are you a fan of refreshing beverages in glass bottles? We’ve got you covered! Whether your preference leans towards a chilled beer or a sparkling soda, as long as it’s a glass bottle from BC, it’s a go!

And there’s more! Our recycling reach extends to bi-metal cans, those super strong non-aluminum or aluminum alloy soldiers. Plus, we happily accept drink pouches and milk cans too.
Just remember, our recycling program is all about local love. We can only accept containers sold and bought here in BC, Canada. Those purchased from other provinces or countries are returnable but will not earn a coin.

So, gather up those containers and give them a new lease of life, the Eazy Return way!"