electronic waste

Electric & Electronics

Light up the future with your old electronics! Eazy Return’s Return-IT depot is your go-to destination to recycle your past-loved electronic goodies. From the static-ridden radios to that old toaster that no longer pops, from your first laptop that freezes more than it computes to the video game console from your childhood – we’re ready to give them all a proper green goodbye!

Whether it’s a cell phone that’s seen better days, a digital camera that no longer captures memories, or that microwave that doesn’t heat, they all have a place with us. Even your old home appliances, like non-functioning washing machines, refrigerators, or air conditioners, can find new purpose through our recycling process.
And let’s not forget about entertainment systems! That old CD player, bulky CRT television, or vintage VHS player is welcome at our depot.

Remember, your unused electronic gadgets and appliances aren't waste; they're opportunities for rebirth. Bring them in, and let's transform tech trash into eco-treasures together!