Bottle Drive Service at Eazy Return

Bottle drives

Unleash the potential of collective action with a Bottle Drive! This isn’t just a fundraiser, and it’s a green initiative wrapped in camaraderie and community spirit. Bottle Drives are where we rally together to collect a vast array of beverage containers – from soda cans to milk cartons, from glass beer bottles to plastic juice containers, and so much more. Every bit helps, and every container holds value!

In partnership with Encorp Pacific (Canada), Eazy Return provides you with the necessary resources for a smooth and successful Bottle Drive. We offer fundraising accounts and even pre-sort bag counts to expedite your fundraising efforts.

“Be a part of our Bottle Drive! It’s where recycling meets fundraising. You collect, we pay, and the environment reaps the benefits. Let’s make every bottle count!”

What’s your goal? Is it a shiny set of new sports equipment for your local team, an enriching field trip for your school, or raising funds for a charity close to your heart? Bottle Drives can turn that dream into reality, with the average event raking in between $1,000 and $1,500!

Once you’ve completed your drive, drop-off is a breeze at Eazy Return locations. We receive your collected containers and ensure payments are made quickly and efficiently. It’s genuinely that easy!


Bottle Drive, Ignite your community spirit, bolster your cause, and champion a greener future. Together, we can make recycling a return and a rewarding journey for all!